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It comes on slowly

By: Slobberjaws
February 1, 2015

 It comes on slowly
this longing for home,

the thing is so real it
rests in your bones.

 It just doesn’t quit,
this feeling of heart,

But it happens when
friends are apart.

 So I’m taking this
matter straight to the

The Lord’s helping us
to make that big hop.

 The keys in the
switch we’re ready to

But wait, Motion Lotion
is really quite low.

 It’s up to the pump
and we look at the

We’ll wait till Missouri
where the prices
are nice.

 It’s good to remember
To drive pretty slow,

You’ll use less gas the
farther you go ??

 Then three days later
and we’ll see those big

It’s been a good trip,
three sleeps and three

 Then all of a sudden
My heart skips a beat,

Quail Hill, Cozy Cove
and I can’t hold my seat.

 God gave us this country,
and the freedom to

When my tires hit those
rocks, It’s “Sweet Breezes”
, — Home!!

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