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A Brief History of Swap Shop

Bob/Slobberjaws & Mary/Vixen
January 1, 2016

To the best of Slobberjaws recollection: Slobberjaws “thinks” the swap shop started about 1995, Kra-Z-Ate probably was the originator of this idea.

In the beginning, people would call in swap shop stuff on their CB radios. Then the mailbox was purchased for people to drop off their swap shop items in around 2001. Every Wed. night, right after roll call, Slobberjaws would read the swap shop notes from the mailbox. After reading the mailbox items, he would ask for call ins on the CB radio, & Nitro would use her “smokin’ pencil” to write them down in the swap shop notebook.

In January of 2003, the “smokin’ pencil”, Nitro, died suddenly & unexpectedly. In 2005, Vixen became the new swap shop secretary. The swap shop mailbox was then on the free table next to the liberry. Oh, it was attached securely to the free table so no one would take a free mailbox home.

Then McGyver took it for a few years, he put it on a stand, & it was on Ferguson Lake Road very close to his RV. When McGyver & Missy moved into town, the swap shop mailbox came back to Skunk Hollow, this time by the entrance to Skunk Hollow.

Slobberjaws said the record for swap shop sales in one evening is $76,000.00. It was a motorhome that sold for $66,000.00 & a 5th wheel trailer for $10,000.00. Now we have new “Swap Shop Caretakers”, Gizmo & Tigger from Minnesota, who reside on Murphy Flats. The new location for the swap shop mailbox is close to the community Liberry, & they have some great ideas.

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