Activities on the LTVA

Now that everyone is starting to arrive, it is time to give specifics about the activities here.

Mon., Wed., & Fri. there is excise in the Gravel Pit @ 9am. Following that is Yoga @ 10. Both of these are in the Gravel Pit Ramada

Tues. is the weekly meeting of the EmergencyResponse Team. Held in the trailer behind the 2nd restroom @ 8:30am.

Wed. is Jaws Jaunts 4-wheel drive rides. Meet at the end of the Gravel Pit Road around 8:30am.

Thurs. is hiking @ 9am. Meet at the 2nd restroom. Bring a hiking stick, water and a snack.

Of course there are many other things going on here,

but these are the weekly ones. If you need more information, check out the bulletin boards at the restrooms on the Mesa to see specifics.


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