DECEMBER Birthdays & Anniversaries

1st: Porch Pup/Roadrunner             Big Guy           Ed/Sharon Greene
3rd: Jalopy      FF Paul
4th: Cousin Ebb       Half Pint       Crab
6th: Redneck & Angel
7th: Flyfisher         Beehive Bus Ron/Jean
8th: Driller            Oregon Jon          Ladyfingers      CanalAl/Twinkle         Straw Doll
9th: Candyman
10th: Curly/Trailer Trash        Gecko     Governor       Butterfly(RC)     Tent Celeste
11th: Gizmo/Tigger                 NW Tank Linda       Desert Rain       Mary (Ridgerunner)
12th: Plumbob            Sawbucks    Cooler      Phil/Debbie
13th: Liberty         Ax Handle     CSC Jim/Rebecca
14th: Red Apple
15th: Echo
16th: Gold Miner
17th: Thing 1
18th: Farmer Boy        Starchaser    Sour Dough/Gold Nugget
19th: Tweedie Pie       Whiplash/Slowpoke              Bluebird      Quarter Horse
20th: Beach Bum       Sawdust/Rockhound        Squaw Lake Dave      Buckeye Gypsy
21st: Ed/Leone S. (BC, CA)       Splash
22nd: Exodus          Tagalong/Sherbear      Red Pine Les    Murphy Flats Pam
23rd: CSC Dagnie      Montana Tom/Montana Kathy         WashingtonConnie      Twigpig/Geonerd

24th: The Beauty/The Beast    CSC Faye H.
25th: Hulahoop
26th: Pudge
27th: Dennis/Jean Hill        Dead Fish
28th: Alberta Roadrunner       Antaras     Renegade/Rolaids      Alberta Les
29th: Lost Canuck/Cocker Spaniel           Flag Lady      Deerslayer/Joyful
30th: Fishbait         CSC Howie      CSC Peter/Gwen    Sharon Greene     Woody/Jane
31st: Moonwalker

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