RV Hobo…by Hey Jude

Just wanted to let folks know about a wonderful new website, http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/ that many of you would be interested in. Last season, while wandering around the “Wash” to find interesting things to write about for the newsletter, I happened to meet up with a couple who were here for their first season and they were so impressed that they set up their own website to share with all of us. I was very impressed with the content and started contributing photos and articles myself. (You will find the gravel pit musicians already on there along with their photos). Check out their whole photo gallery at: http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/photo-gallery!


They have also put up an interactive map which divides the Imperial Dam LTVA into “neighborhoods” so you can give and receive locations quickly and easily. It’s at: http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/neighborhoods-map-large/.


Along with Imperial Dam, they have also put up websites for the Christian Service Center at: http://csc.rvhobo.net/, the Emergency Response Team at: http://ert.imperialdam.com/ and the Boondocker Chatter (Online!) at: http://bdc.imperialdam.com/. Even the Liberry has its own page at: http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/library/.


If you’re interested in contributing articles and photos of your experiences at the “Wash”, please visit the Contact Page at: http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/contact-us/.


We’ve just been informed that a new community calendar for all of the Imperial Dam Websites will be available as well as a free classifieds ads section, which will be printed out weekly and put on the bulletin boards and also be offered to Swap Shop for announcement. So you can check in every day and see what’s happening at the “Wash”.


And, whether you are a new boondocker or an experienced one, you have to check out the RVHobo article entitled “The Art of Boondocking” (http://rvhobo.net/blog/2015/11/02/the-rv-hobo-art-of-boondocking/), which was written by this couple who have crossed the U.S. six times and have boondocked from Baja Mexico, all the way to 400 miles N. of the Arctic Circle. Jen & JT are by no means new to this and have been kind enough to share all this good stuff for us folks on the desert.

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