Thanksgiving Potluck–Thank you (Sally–Cookie & Sue–Schoolteacher)

The Gravel Pit Ramada Thanksgiving potluck this year was a tremendous success, which wasn’t a guarantee that morning.  We were supposed to have 20-30 mph winds, which is NOT a good thing when you are eating outside.  However, the Liberry had sides for the Ramada and with the help of several men they were put up which cut down the wind considerably.  We had 95 attendees this year and just about all the food was eaten.  As far as we can tell, no one went home hungry.  The 50/50 drawing netted about $150 with Lynn Clack winning the pot.  The other half went to the Liberry to help pay for the turkeys, etc.  After it was over, several people volunteered to help take everything down and it was done in a jiffy!!  Thanks so much to everyone that helped and we will see you all next year at the same time!

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