Getting to know LTVAers


Michael and Tammy Mayer

(CB Handles “Colorado Kid” & “Babydoll”)

They were both born and raised in Durango, Colorado. They first met in 1983 in which Michael was 18 and Tammy was only 13. Michael was Tammy’s first crush but was dating someone else. In 1991 Michael moved the family he started to Oklahoma and neither one of them stayed in touch. Until 2012, in which, Tammy found Michael per internet and contacted him due to the death of his first son for his guardians did not let Michael have any contact with his son.   Michael and Tammy became friends again and started emailing and texting. That friendship blossomed, in which, Michael moved back to the cold Colorado mountains. Tammy still had one child in school and promised Michael after graduation they were able to leave the cold for Michael’s warm areas. He has a saying….”If it is too cold to grow Pineapples and Coconuts… It is too cold for him”.   So, May 24, 2015 they were married and started their 3-5 year traveling Honeymoon.   This is their first year on Senator Wash.   Tammy’s parents winter in YPG Travel Camp and they could see Senator Wash and was surprised and intrigued by the shining reflections from the sun bouncing off of the many many RV’s. They drove up here and just loved the water and the desert. They had planned on being down on the beach in the gulf but due to the REDTIDE and how it effected them they decided to travel to Yuma. It suited both of their love of nature. They are both semi retired. Michael had closed his Automobile Garage down to move to Colorado. Tammy had to stop working as a Customer Service Manager at Walmart due to Back issues. They then opened up their mobile business of Pure Hearts Photography and also make custom one of a kind Wind chime they call KLINKETS.   Yes, they are full time RVers. They love the freedom and want to follow God’s plan for them as Michael has known since he was 14 years old that Heavenly Father has a calling for him. When they first came to Senator Wash they parked on South Mesa but then decided that Tammy was interested in things going on at the Christian Service Center and was closer for her to walk there if they moved. They were invited to join the Snowbird clan and they are now on SnowBird Mesa. They love the feeling of the desert family. Everyone looks out for each other and the friendships that come from meeting so many people. They also enjoy the church and different activities.   They believe that God wanted them to come here and are planning on coming back.

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