Imperial Dam Recreation Area Emergency Response Team

The Imperial Dam LTVA Emergency Response Team monitors CB channel 12 twenty-four hours a day and are very familiar with the area so they can lead the emergency vehicles to your location any time day or night. If you do not have a CB, check with your neighbors and see if you can get them to call for you if you should need help.

Simply get on channel 12 and say “Emergency” 3 times and you will be answered by a team member. They will need to know the nature of the emergency (i.e. heart attack, not breathing, etc.) Tell them your location, then turn on as many lights as possible (i.e. interior lights, headlights, hazard lights). A member of the ERT will contact the Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG) and 911. Runners from here will go the S-24 to guide them to your location.

All emergency information is confidential. In most cases the ERT does not know any of the particulars concerning the person(s) involved.

If you call 911 if could take a lot longer for them to respond as they are dispatched out of Winterhaven (no YPG) and no runners to show them where you are.

 If you have any questions about the ERT please feel free to visit with them at their weekly meetings held every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am at the Emergency Response trailer located behind the 2nd rest-room just off the Mesa Road on the South Mesa.

Come visit, enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe even a cookie, or other sweet and talk with the guys and gals who belong to the team.

Minutes are taken at the meetings and copies can be gotten from Judy (Hey Jude) who is secretary.


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