Jaws’ Ketchup

Hello out there:

   Thought I’d tap out a note to all you folks out there in paradise. I’m just sittin’ here watching the water freeze on the lake. That gives me plenty of time to think, (You know that hurts.)
   Hows things going? I worry about stuff. Is Skunk Lake going to be a threat this season? Are the tires flat on our rig? Is the roof leaking on the Liberry? I think Rednecks got a handle on that. Is there plenty of wood for the Dogburns? Oh ya’ Boomers got that! When I sit back and think about it, I know all is well. Can the Contata carry on with out me? You Bet’cha!
   You cannot know how much I miss my winter home. Although things here are great, some days get melancholy. Vixen is my salvation! I find myself overpetting the cat and dog and it’s a blessing when the TV is off. Your cards and letters are a big boost. The pictures take me back to wonderful times. Will someone go by and pet my Jeep?
   I should be there the weekend of Jan 7th and 8th. Grumpy (son Scott) and Pu Du(daughter Raeann) are coming out with me for a very short visit and I hope to get around to see everyone. I’m planning to be at church services at the CSC on the 8th.
    Willy said it best, “You are always on my mind!”
                              Life IS Good
                               Jaws Vixen
                            Snowball & Foxey
PS: From Vixen: We are both learning to take each day as a blessing, a gift from God. I will be staying here, taking care of Snowball, still an escape artist, Foxey, and holding down the fort here. Wishing each of you a blessed Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus. May 2017 be filled with happiness, good health, & hope. Praying we see all of you in the fall of 2017.
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