Silent Campers

The sad thing about the age of the clientele out here on the LTVA is that we are closer to the end of our lives than to the beginning. Every year we lose more and more of our campers. This is the time of year we say good bye to those who have gone on before us. In 2016 we lost at least six of our residents. Tom “Bayou Peddler” Crittenden, Peter “Pistol Pete” Hendershot, Jim King (from the Christian Service Center), Barbara “Thee Dutch-ess” Van Den Hazel, Robert “Motorcycle Bob” Thomas, and a camper we know only by his handle; Yardbird. Allof these made their own contributions to Senator Wash and they will be sorely missed.


If you know of any others who need to be mentioned, please contact me and I will see that it gets into next month’s issue.


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