My Skin is Leavin’ Me (Clyde L. Houge) 7/24/16

O my gosh! It’s quite a sight-
I never thought that it would be!
Morning, afternoon, even night-
It’s not so much that I am goin’
No, it’s my skin that’s leavin’ me!

What, I wonder, will it be like
As others look and I they see;
My shell’s not broken;
It just keeps flakin’-
Oh no, what’s this?
My skin is leavin’ me!

And now, whe’er I hap’ to go
By foot, or car, or plane it’s so;
I leave a bit of myself you know.
Like trails of snowflakes for all to see-
Yes, you guessed it!
My skin, it’s leavin’ me!

But, if you could follow
Through hill and dale,
And if your eyes could clearly, truly see-
My trail could lead you up to heaven,
Where alas! I won’t need that skin
That’s leavin’ me!

Clyde has been diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma/sezary syndrome in March 2011. One symptom is flaking, peeling skin all over the body.

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