Ketchup–Bob (Slobberjaws)

   Vixen reminded me that it’s been awhile since I’ve sent A Ketchup out to my friends. So here goes nothin’.
   Seems everyone is wondering about our situation. Well—- I’m doing good’ For an old codger. I’m still up on two pins and can still get out of bed by myself. The last time I ran a mile was —- never! What the heck you want to run a mile for? Don’t make no sense to me. It took a lot of dollars and a sizeable amount of food to get me where I am today.
   As for Vixen, what can I say, She’s on top of every situation, Her energy is unending, and her devotion to me and her friends is amazing, and she is not about to change.
   The winter has been very good to us. I got to spend the first Christmas at home in 24 years. It’s been Really mild and the good lord has kept the bad stuff away from our door. I’ve been kinda watching your weather and In think this was a good year for us to take a break. Just don’t let the weather go sour in October. We’re expecting to be on station in Sweet Breezes about the last of of the month. We’re gettin’ old but we ain’t pushin up the Daisies yet.
   By the way how are our friends in the North West doing? It sounds like the bad part is still to come. The evening news isn’t very encouraging with all that snow and more stuff coming. I thought we were the ones who usually caught the annual spring flooding but we’re gonna come out smelling like a Rose (I think).
   I’m kinda worried about our rig and the Jeep. Will somebody please go by and pat it on the hood? Just so it’ll know it hasn’t been forgotten.
   I like some of the news that’s coming out of the CSC. Happy and well is the best news of all. Keep that Guitar hummin’!
   One last thing. Please keep politics out of your mail to me. I get enough off of the tube!
   Don’t Forget——–                 Life IS Good
                                         Jaws Vixen
                                      Foxie & Snowball

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