Ketchup–Bob (Slobberjaws) Dossett

Hollo ow tare
Setting here in my chair I ponder how to start this letter. No easy way I guess. So much water has passed under the bridge  no matter how hard I try I can’t find a way to say goodby. So I guess it must be, “continued in the next chapter”.
What a wonderful 22 years I’ve had at Senators Wash. We went there for the weather back then and it was great. Almost instantly We recognized that we were among our kind of people. Honest, hard working folks that were retired but full of adventure. Just looking for a better way and, we found it.
Remember Nitro? What a gal! Loved to read and take care of me. At first she said We were out of our minds, but, later admitted her love for the place. I lost her that morning right there in Skunk Hollow. But, she left her mark on our desert home.
Some how it didn’t feel like it was over. The beat goes on and tomorrow is another day. After a couple of years of wandering around I met this Wonderful woman from the cold northern part of Minnesota. Like me she was ready for a new start. I thought she was a “Foxie Lady” so I hung the handle of Vixen on her. You know the rest of the story, she’s the love of my life now and as I said before, the beat goes on.
You cannot know how much we miss our desert home and friends. Mary and I will think of all of you for the rest of our lives. We have a new 10/20 now and are happy and content. Drop in and see us. We’re only a phone call away.
Make Memories, Celebrate Every Day,
Smile and Laugh Often
Life IS Good
Jaws Vixen
Snowball & Foxie

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