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Liberry News–Committee

As many of you may have heard, Bob (Redneck) Casey passed away on Sunday, Oct. 22.  Hopefully next month Angel will be back with her Angel’s Angles.

The Liberry should be open by Nov. 1, 2017.  It is possible that not all of our Liberrians have arrived yet, so please be patient if we are not open 7 days.  As always we are open in the morning and closed at dusk.  The Free Table and  Can Recycling will start up as soon as the committee can find someone to take care of each thing.  We are NOT taking plastic this year.  It just doesn’t pay enough for the hassle it is.

For those of you still on your way to the LTVA here is a reminder of the books that we are looking for:

Remember to bring your accumulated paperbacks into Our Liberry when we reopen. We cannot accept hardbacks (except large print), recipe books, travel brochures or Religious (Those should go to the Christian Service Center). Here’s  a list of our many different genres. Please forgive me if I’ve forgotten any.

Inspirational; Romance including Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance,  Paranormal Romance, Girly Romance, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele.  Fantasy; Science Fiction; Westerns; Adventure and Military; Early American; Native American; Prehistoric; the Classics: Mystery and Suspense; True Crime; Biographies; French Language; Large Print.  We also have a small Childrens Section, and a large assortment of puzzles.

We hope you travel safely, and when you arrive come by to see us, bring us your donations and choose some reading material.


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