Silent Campers–Jesse Torres—RV Hobo–Sue (Schoolteacher)

A couple of years ago a couple arrived on the desert named Jesse and Jenny.  Turns out they were computer whizzes.  Jesse had a website he called RV Hobo.  It was all about their journeys in their rv.  He was really taken by Imperial Dam LTVA and even though he hadn’t been here long, he wanted to give something back to this special place.  Following through on that, he created a whole website which piggy-backed onto his own and suddenly Senator Wash was on rv-ers radar.

He was in the process of setting up a camping area in Baja California, his favorite place when he was suddenly taken ill and passed away very shortly.   He will be greatly missed by the many people whose lives he had touched.  A more detailed account of Jesse’s life will be forthcoming.

Jenny and the “puppies” still reside in Baja

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