The Christian Service Center Sue (Schoolteacher) Anderson

Out here in the middle of the LTVA, in the BLM land is the privately owned Christian Service Center begun by Jim and Katie Fish.  It started out as just church services under a tree.  In 1973, the first trailer was bought and moved to the current site.  When that overflowed, they got 2 buses and had closed circuit tvs installed.  Then in 2007 the new building was finished which will seat around 299.  Almost everyone here at Imperial Dam knows that the Christian Service Center exists, but many believe that it is only the church.

Not true, it is called a Service Center for a reason. They have a LOT of things for the RVers here.  First and foremost, they provide mail service.  This is a great boon to the campers as it gives us a street address so that we can order items and have them delivered here.  Believe the USPS appreciates this as they don’t have to find us out here, nor do they have to put up with all of us being General Delivery!  But they also provide a message service and a finder service.  When you register for your mail service, you include your site and a description of your RV.  That way, friends can find you or if you don’t have Verizon, your family can call them and leave a message if it is an emergency.

This would be enough, but there is still more.  Propane is rather important to us here, it runs our fridges, our heat and hot water.  Now of course it is possible to run into Yuma to get this vital gas, but it is available here at the Christian Service Center.  It is a tad more expensive than town, but if you are in your motorhome it saves you a long drive into town.  Also there is a salt-free water dispensary there.  Again if you just can’t handle the salt in our local water system…

Another service provided by the CSC is the Thrift Store.  It truly is amazing what you can find here.  There are clothes, jigsaw puzzles, paintings, dishes, and so much more!  There is even a Man-Cave with tools, electronics, RV parts, and other things that appeal to the men.  Next to the thrift store is a smaller trailer which contains used books.  (I know we have a lending Liberry up on the Mesa, but some people just like to own things).  The prices at both places are really, really reasonable.

There used to be a lot of other services that were offered, but as the number of campers declined, and the demographics changed, these services disappeared.  However some of them seem to be making a return, such as the art classes and beading classes which are offered every Thursday at 1:30 pm.  Even the  arts and crafts fairs are coming back.  The 1st one was held before Christmas and the second one will be held on the 1st Saturday of February.

One of the new services is ukulele lessons.  These are held at the old church (Fellowship Hall) on every Monday at 2 pm.  The next one will be on Jan. 8th as New Years Day seems to be in the way.

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