Christmas 2017–John (Third John) Alstrom

Why do we come to the desert?
Is it just to escape the North’s cold?
Could it also be beauty and friendship,
Or is that just being too bold?

They say there are rattlers and scorpions
And cactus, salt cedar and dust,
And rocks and ravines and mountains
So steep your poor wheels would bust!

A chance to see those “old Fogys”
Who won’t stay put in their homes;
You’d think they’d get tired
Of riding so long on their “bones”!

And yet when we get to see Gordon,
Hear his singing and playing his fiddle.
We know that the trip is well worth it,
Our enjoyment is more than a little!

Now once again we celebrate Christmas,
The birth of God’s only Son.
We sing and decorate brightly,
We see folks and have lots of fun!

In our joy, don’t forget the true message,
Jesus came to save all don’t you see?
Some folks may question this answer,
How can something so important be free?

We listen to Preacherman’s admonitions
And watch lovely Tinker Bell too,
We listen and pay close attention,
As they instruct us in what we should do!

For we know their words come from scripture,
Those instructions from God in the sky,
We know that we don’t have to listen,
Its our choice, as these days all fly by!

To not listen is so easy and simple,
As we strut in our own selfish way;
The results may not be to our liking,
As that “hot spot” is coming they say!

Its so easy to find it in Romans,
Chapter 10, verse 9, you see!
Just Confess, Repent and be Baptized,
And you’ll forever be free!

Some say “It can’t be any better
Than what we see here and now!”
But they can’t begin to imagine
About heaven and possibly how!

So if you are willing to listen,
And do just those three easy things,
You too will find joy with Jesus,
And live with the Heavenly Beings!

Now its time to shout “Merry Christmas!”
And a big “Happy New Year!” to you
May your 2018 be a blessing
And that you’ll all stay healthy too!

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