Ketchup–Bob (Slobberjaws) Dossett

Hello out there, wazup?
Well here we are, and there’d they go? Oh the days dwindle down to a precious few. It’s December here and today 72′ is predicted, maybe snow in 2 days! Now I know a lot of you are from Northern climes where winter is winter but here ya just never know. Crops are all in the bin and there’s a lot of winter wheat showing that beautiful green. Ya know, I can’t find a head of lettuce anywhere.
Guess I should report on that nasty fall I took in September. It’s a good thing I landed on my nose, it cushioned the fall! Broke it too. My advice is Don’t  take on a concrete sidewalk. It broke both arms, my right wrist and my nose. And for a bonus, 10 stitches in my left eyebrow. I haven’t driven the car since. That’s something that has always been a pleasure and I miss it. But I have an appointment this week and think the Doc will turn me loose. Mary even had to open the door for me. That will humble you by gosh.
All is well here. Running water, NO dump station, and more power than we can use. There’s a lake 20′ from our front door and lots of grass. The kids are only a phone call away.
We sure miss all the things at the wash. I guess we wouln’t miss the odifferiousness wafting over Sweet Breezes Valley this year. (I like that word). But I will always remember, when the moon is full, How “I’d love to be An Oskar Meyer weiner”. Nothing can ever replace those years and doing all that crazy stuff. Don’t let the good times die.
Senators Wash has been a major part of my life. I will take to my grave the people, trail rides, mountains, and all of the experiences other people can’t imagine.
Thanks for the ride, and remember ====   Peace
Life Is Good
Jaws Vixen
Snowball & Foxie
From Vixen Mary: I am so thankful we have our beautiful desert memories, I am also very thankful we are here.
Jaws’s right arm is not healing as quickly as the other broken arm, his wrist, & his nose. Amazingly, none of the breaks have needed surgery with pins or screws. May the healing continue. We truly feel blessed.
Wishing all our desert friends a very “Merry Christmas & may 2018 be filled with only blessings”.

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