Annual Cookie Drive–Sue (Schoolteacher) Anderson

It’s that time of year again.  The time when a young man’s fancy turns to…No wait, that’s not right…It is the time for the Annual Cookie Drive.  I started a couple of years ago trying to find the history of this particular annual event, but it seems to have been lost in the mists of the “Long, Long Ago”.

It seems that YPG has been helping us with our emergency services out here on the desert for a long time.  I heard that originally the off-duty squads were invited to a dog burn.  Then the lady that was doing that left the desert.  After that there is a lapse, but what is known is that someone changed the appreciation event to a cookie drive.  It moved from place to place and person to person until the last move was from Beehive Mesa (Nanna Goose) to Cookie.  Since Cookie can’t be here this season, it has fallen to me to collect the cookies.

I will be open for business from 9 to noon on February 6-February 8.  We live on Dolly Lane.  To get here go past the contact station to 5 Corners.  Take Wye Rd and then turn onto Dolly Lane.  OR come up Ferguson (Lake) Rd and turn on Dolly Lane.  (Isn’t it wonderful that we have all these signs now to tell us where we are?!)

We accept all kinds of cookies, fat ones, skinny ones, chocolate ones, sugar ones…well you get the picture.  Home baked or store bought, all cookies are welcome.  They will find a good home at YPG and it keeps a wonderful tradition going.

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