KETCHUP–Bob (Slobberjaws) Dossett

Good morning”
Ahh the mornings. Quiet, Bright, Fresh, Numb! I hate getting up but, happy that I made it. So much of the time the old noggen just don’t want to kick in. Turned the TV on this morning and couldn’t hear it. Then I realized I hadn’t put my hearing aids in, Presto! sound. Getting old ain’t easy but, fun IF, you can handle the pressure.It’s been a hard winter so far, cccold. Thick ice on the lake and Ya have to warm the car up first or freeze your tutu off.

Ya know I sat down and closed my eyes and tried to think of something I could say to my friends who will read this. Nothing popped up. Then a wonderful friend salvaged some photos from our trailer after we sold it. Smiles and tears at the same time. I’ve traveled a lot all over this great and beautiful country. But when I close my eyes and relive it I see, Sand, Saguaro, Clear starry nights and smell Sweet Breezes. All with my wonderful woman by my side. Let’s not forget the support and fun with our wives!

As I looked at those pictures all kinds of adventures returned. Scary Hills, the No Sign Sign, A view from a mountain top up the Colorado River. Some of the camBoondocker Chatter Online - US Camel Corpsping trips were doozies. We actually survived 4 nights and five days camping out on the Mojave desert. We even made an effort to find Lost Camels. That was a bust but lots of fun. Then there was the Dogburns. To me fun but very meaningful. 75 folks around a huge campfire singing a silly song. The memorial Dogburn was very solemn. Now when I think of a wiener it makes me smile. Sundays with Preacherman and Boater At the CSC, and then the Jams with Landsail0r. All this in one lifetime, How lucky can one guy be?

So what can I say to my desert friends? Hang in there! Do it! Have a ball! Thank God for your freedom to roam and burn a dog. Sing that song.

Love Ya!

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