Favorite Hike–Mary (Vixen) Dossett

​One of my favorite places on the desert is “The Swimming Pool”. I heard about it for many years, many hiked to it on the Thursday morning hikes with Cruisin Cruiser (Ambrose) or Lost Canuck (Brian). If you started at the dam, south of Kripple Kreek, it was a healthy hike. You could also go to Kripple Kreek, head east, go through a fence & follow the road. Past the foundation of an old cabin up on a knoll, go by numerous gold mines, hike up another mountain, & there is the swimming pool.

The view is 360′, breathtaking, overlooking the Colorado River, you can see YPG, Hidden Shores, & most of the Imperial Dam camping areas. One of our gals was using a cane, she still made it to the swimming pool.

The story is the miners piped water from the Colorado River up to the “pool”, then down to the gold mines on the other side. As we walked the burro trails from the Imperial Dam, you can see old rusty pipes here & there. When we hiked from the dam, folowing burro trails, up to the swimming pool, then followed more burro trails back to Skunk Hollow, we still did it in less than 3 hrs.. Just ask around, you can find someone to take you swimming. Remember to bring a camera.

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