Silent Campers

Jim Fish

The founder of the Christian Service Center passed away in February. He had been ill for several years, spending the last two years in a care facility in Yuma. He and Katie have been here for 40+ years. Jim had retired from the service as a chaplain when they discovered the desert people camping out before there was an LTVA. They held church under a tree. When the LTVA started, Jim bought some land that had belonged to a rancher and had served as the town for building the dam. The church met in a trailer, and when they outgrew that they had a video camera and transmitted it into a bus. Finally they got enough money to build the church building Jim had dreamed of. The church was built and we now enjoy this wonderful building. We also enjoy all the services the CSC provides. The LTVA would be a much poorer place without the vision of Jim Fish.

The memorial service was held for Jim on Feb. 18th. The church was packed with all the people who had come to tell Jim goodbye and to support Katie. Afterwards we had a wonderful potluck.

Mike McKay

Another one of our long time campers also passed away this month. His handle was M & M and he was well known on the 4×4 rides. A memorial service was held for him at the Names. Many jeeps and 4x4s were in attendance.

Jim Chynoweth

Jim (also known as Ice Cube) passed away on Feb. 11.  He had an aneurysm of the aorta and survived but he was in terrible pain for a couple of months and he wasn’t getting any better and then got a bad staff infection.  His daughter came and took him home.  He was home two days and passed away.  Kathy (Popsicle) is fine, back in Alaska with her kids.

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