Stress and anxiety are becoming more and more common and difficult to manage. Learning ways to lessen the stress is important for your mental health. Here are some survival tips to help you manage the stress:

1. Prioritize your time and money. Time and money management are the two biggest sources of stress and they usually cause problems together. Write a list of what’s important to you. Create a budget, streamline your expenses and draw out a timeline of what you want and need to accomplish. This will empower you, improve your mood and free up time for enjoyable activities.
2. Communicate. Let friends and loved ones know what your needs are. Don’t be afraid to say “No” when you’re overwhelmed.
3. Adopt a positive attitude and look at your situation from a broader perspective. Are you worried about something that you won’t even think about a few years down the road? Don’t make mountains out of molehills.
4. Take care of yourself. Take time for yourself daily, exercise, consume healthy foods. Do whatever nurtures you. You’ll be better prepared for the stress in life.
5. Make to-do lists & give yourself a special treat for accomplishing tasks and checking them off the list. It’s also helpful to keep a stress journal and record specific situations that preceded the feelings of stress, allowing you to analyze and make changes as needed.
Hope this helps. When you’re up against stress tell yourself to address the problems seriously, ask for help, write it down on paper, try to do everything you can to make things right, and then relax knowing you have done your part, and take the time to enjoy life and have fun.

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