Imperial Dam LTVA Senator Wash Emergency Response Team–Doug (North Wind) Minor

Who We Are:
We are a group of volunteers who want to assist anyone in need of emergency help. We are aware that it is extremely hard for emergency personnel to find anyone out here on the desert, especially at night, as there are few named roads and many ravines and mesas.

We are loosely organized, but have no defined assignments. We coordinate our efforts via the CB radio. Some members are here at the beginning of the season and stay until the end, but we arrive and depart at all times.  This means there are times when we aren’t available and that’s why we encourage anyone who wants to assist to join our group. We rely on a large number of members to make this service available.
What We Do:
The Imperial Dam LTVA Emergency Response Team (ERT) attempts to monitor CB Channel 12, 24 hours a day and is very familiar with the area.  We lead the emergency vehicles to your location at any time, day or night.  Don’t have a CB radio? Check with your neighbors and ask if you can call on them to radio in an emergency for you.
Recent Changes:
During the latter part of the 2017-2018 season the team installed 80 white carbonate signs, provided by the BLM, to help people find their way around the LTVA. These signs are labeled with the commonly used camp area names. We could not install signs at every location, but managed to get the main areas designated. When you enter the LTVA at the Contact Station and proceed to the 5 Corners area all signage is labeled from that point outward, especially areas like S. Florida Flats or Murphy Flats which have many entrances and interior roads. As an example, Murphy Flats has signs labeled with numbers at the top and then letters to help designate interior roads (not every road, but the main ones). The same goes for NW Territories with its three mesa entrances. All areas that are primarily approached up Ferguson Rd from the Christian Center as far as the northern end of Snowbird Mesa have numbers originating at the southern end on up Ferguson Rd.

Campers are encouraged to get familiar with these new signs so that they can direct people to their locations, especially in an emergency situation.

Emergency Procedures have changed due to governmental issued directives. In the event of an emergency both the Camper and ERT, if called, will need to call 911. The ERT can only assist you if you notify them via the CB radio. It is important that you review the Emergency Procedures that follow. It is important to note that in parts of the LTVA cell service is very sporadic and unreliable. A good reason to have a CB! If you can’t get a call out the team probably can.

I encourage all campers to participate in the use of the CB radio, channel 12, even if only to call the ERT. A small hand held radio will do the trick as we have many of the ERT members spread about the LTVA. Also many community events, the swap shop (Wednesdays) and other announcements are made during the daily evening roll call at 7PM. By listening and checking in you are confident your radio will work in an emergency. Have a CB, but need help getting it set up? Contact the ERT, we should be able to help.

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  1. Karen S NOBLE

    Hi Sue. Here is the info;
    Please join us for the CSC Christmas Community Song on the Desert Program. Mark your calendar,
    we have two dates.

    Friday, December 13th at 2pm
    Cookies and coffee will be served following the program. Please bring your favorite Christmas cookies to share.

    Saturday, December 14th at 6 pm.
    Finger foods and coffee will be served following the program.
    Contribution of finger foods are
    Merry Christmas!

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