Poetry Corner

(Written at Senator Wash)
Daniel Clayton Thornburg

Ancient Lady Moon’s as skinny as a spinster, lonely in the cold and drafty skies. Points too sharp to handle on both her bottom and her top, features half hidden in shadows, and the bone that’s visible in her cheek—all dimly mark her waning possibilities. As she strays, who knows now, at this late stage, whether she’s searching for or fleeing from the light?
(December 13, 2017)

All Roads Lead To Home
All roads lead to home, they say
And I do heartily agree.
We have a winter home you see
And share it with good company.

People come from near and far
To this special home of ours.
From Washington to Manitoba
They will travel many hours.

Oh, we have another home, of course
Where the winter snows will blow
That home is near our family
But the icy cold urges us to go.

Down to Arizona!
Where the temperatures are mild.
Though I must admit to you—
The winds can drive you wild!!

The many friends that we have made
Through the years have come to be
Just as close as family
And we love them all, you see.

We come from different backgrounds
Some are rich and some are poor
But when we gather at a bonfire
We are all together once more.

Back to our friends again we come
They always wait for us here.
Back to the desert that we love
That draws us back each year.

The winding roads continue
To call us as we roam
But the very best road to travel
Is the one that leads us home.

And as the years go flying by
We know that time will come
When that long road will finally be
The one to our Heavenly home.

Karen Martin
May 17, 2010

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