Birthdays & Anniversaries



1st: Gypsy Kathy Galt/Butterfly      Wild Bill

2nd: Pianoman (Montana) & Montana Chickadee

3rd: Lost & Found     Pink Foot         Marshmallow        Magpie

4th: Cookie       CSC Don

5th: CSC Howie/Cathy      Star Blazer      BC Leroy/Shirley      Music Row Jeannine

6th: Highpockets      Tavi       Flor Flats Willis

7th: NW Ace High      Lenny      Sour Dough

8th: Chuck/Mary Lang        Gypsy Girl

9th: Tree Planter/Woof Woof

10th: Washington Bruce

12th: Bad Wrench/Scorpion Hunter       Hawkeye Jerry (Murphy Flats)

13th: CSC Bill J       Baby Doll      Ham Hock

14th: Rambo/China Doll        Drifter/Yvonne

15th: Dusty Shoes/Landline       Snickers       The Beauty        HR Vonnie

16th: Second Chance/King’s Lady        Landsailor         Rainbow/Sunshine

17th: CSC Norm/Dagnie         Sis Marge          Sweet Pea

18th: Buckeye        Little John/Gypsy Girl          Quail Hill Jon

19th: Big Dipper         CSC Rebecca        Jeff (Kathy)       Coyote Ridge Reed

20th: Cajun Woman        Casper        Lightfoot

21st: Echo/Shadow      Sparky

22nd: Dead Eye/Shopping Cat

23rd: Snowbird Gramma      CSC Ken/BK        Daddy Warbucks/Patience

24th: One Way

25th: Philip (Santa)        CSC Choir Jenny

26th: Knitwit       Canadian Silver Fox Plain Jane

27th: Music Row Dave/Jeannine          P ianoman (Montana)

28th: Shadow Rider        Rver Jeanette         Grandma Mare

30th: Shaker       Aloha Timbo/Hula Nani



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