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Teddy, the Traveling Teddy Bear

January 1, 2015

Hi, my name is Teddy, I think I arrived out here on Senator Wash AKA the desert about 2009.

I like to visit as many snowbirds as possible, everyone is so interesting, & they really treat me well. I spend a week visiting, then I sneak into the next RV site. The heat & the wind don’t bother me, but please keep me out of the rain.

One of the 1st places I visited gave me a journal, then someone gave me my very own pet, a cat named Boonie. Now I have a backpack to keep my stuff in, I got lots of stuff. One of the best parts of my traveling is waiting for the owners to wake up or come home & see their surprise when they see me sitting in one of their chairs. They read my sign & realize I am no threat, I just enjoy making people smile.

People have taken me to Mexico, to church, shopping at Walmart, hiking, over to the YPG bowling alley, lots of happy hours too, wow, lots of new experiences for me.

One summer, they put me in a storage RV & towed it to the CSC. Man was it hot in there, finally the snowbirds starting coming back. Boonie & I waited patiently to hear someone hook onto the storage RV, but nobody came all season, we were stuck in there for over a year. A search party found us the next fall, it was so good to be back out in the fresh air.

I was on Quail Hill for awhile… mosquitoes are bad there, then in Skunk Hollow….. oh the smell, up on the mesa……. just sit around & watch the turd taxis go by…..then up on Ferguson Road….sure gets windy up there. Then up to Northwest Territories in early December, it’s windy up there too. And I met this RVer, he said he was going to teach me how to work, he said I’d been sitting around doing nothing for a long time. Sure glad to move on from there, I tried to explain to him that my job was to make people smile….sometimes that is hard….but most of these RVers are old & retired & enjoying life & they smile a lot.

So if Boonie & I come to visit you, please write in my journal & smile, Teddy & Boonie

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