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Wednesday Jaunts

By: Bob(Slobberjaws)
November 1, 2015

Ya’ know I sure miss that old
red Jeep. I even drive it in my

(To Steal a line,— Over Hill,
Over Dale, We Will Hit the
DUSTY Trail.)

I’m settin’ at the old stop sign,
Wednesday morning and we’re
feelin’ fine!

We get in and slam the
door, Then set the radio to
channel four.

We’re off. Where to? I dunno
there’s lotsa places we can go.
Ole Bullshipper would say
“Your goin’ too slow!

Well it’s time to air Em down,
There’s lotsa rocks out there to

Then Bomber D gets this sensation,
It’s time for a wee wee
Intermission. Ladies to the left
gents to the right. Follow the
rules don’t start a fight.

We still don’t know where to
go, Don’t ask Jaws Cuz he don’t

There’s a Batcave right over
there, We’ll go some night and
raise your hair.

Then Liberty says Watsa matter
Jaws U a Chicken? WEll—!!
THAT really gets my heart to

First up Is hand break hill. Try
coastin, down that one, Enough
parts will fly off to lighten the rig

And if you make it down by
chance, We’ll give you time, to
clean up your pants.

Just up this bump are many
sights. The joy Of Yuma with it’s
city lights.

It’s worth your time if you’ve got
the grit, to see Imperial Valley
when it’s lit.

Ever see a bridge for water over
water? Don’t make much sense
but Your Governments gotter!

Then on up there’s a tricky little
hill. It’s a bit off camber and a
good place to spill.

Then on down but not too far. The
trail splits by an old shot up old

Hey Snappy there’s some old
Gnarley old wood! To see it again
makes me feel mighty good.

You feel like your lost then suddenly
found you’re passing an
old Patton training ground.

HQ 6Bn is written with rocks that
we found.

Oh it’s on and on through sand
and grass, All of a sudden, there
it is- Hidden Canyon Pass!

When you get into this wash you
can’t get lost, You stay in that pass
cause it’s the boss!

Now most folks are in for a shock,
Kill’in Times ol “Dog Poop Rock”.On
and on through brush and rocks, Another
stop, don’t pee on your socks.

Now another adventure begins, The
trail narrows and the walls close in.

Take a look way up high and you can
see, A desert home for the Honey

From here on in the fun begins, You
might go back to where you begin.

THEN there it is the SQUEEZE!!! There
is no room to cough or sneeze ~~

It’s time to check your four wheel
drive, And hope you clear this thing

Oh yes, we’ve had a scratch or two,
McGyver lost a mirror. Liberties Given
up Eagle too, Their jeep’s too Fat
they won’t fit through.

The Canyon walls. A Rattle Snake. A
Muley Deer. All kinds of “Stuff” we
see in here.

We go on and on sometimes into the
setting Sun, But when we’re home the
rides not done.

Honey, We saw a Tarantula big a a
saucer! Big enough to give me an

And so the day is done, We’ve nothing
to do but have some fun.

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