Angel’s Angles–Joyce (Angels)

As our 2016/2017 season comes to an end, I want to once again thank the dedicated group of librarians that come without fail twice a day on their designated day and keep Our Liberry looking neat and clean.  Leona (Loonie Toonie) and MJ, you light up our world with your love and laughter.  Lorre (Oilcan) your strength through obstacles inspires us. Liz and Sheila, we welcome you to our family and hope to get to know you better next season. Karen (Paintbrush) you truly shine with the love of God. Lyn (Desert Rain) your compassion is your strength and we admire it and you so much. Sharon, your friendship comes from the love in your heart, and it shows. Little Lulu, though here but a short time this season we treasure that time and you.  To our subs Daisy Mae and Jo (Rick’s Lady) I really have counted on your dependability and love. (Lotta love going on here!)

Remember “Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars!”  Hope to see you next season. Angel


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