• Put fresh water in black & gray HOLDING TANKS(about 2/3 full), this will allow the traps to stay moist – DO NOT PUT WATER IN fresh water tank (to guard against algae growth)
  • TOILET – add vegetable oil in bowl and all other sink & shower traps/Top off toilet bowl with windshield antifreeze and cover with clear wrap
  • Place large (5 gal) PAILS OF WATER inside unit – 40 + gallon bottles or equal containers (the more water the better, especially with wood interiors) – small openings in lids
  • WINDOWS – close and cover ALL inside or outside to keep sun out, close and put pillow pads in roof vents (interior) – purchase at RV store

Do Not put silver on inside of thermo windows

  • FRIDGE – place containers of coffee or baking soda inside – wedge door open/Ensure fridge is dry and then ball up newspaper and put inside/block outside vents to prevent insect nests
  • BOUNCE SHEETS – put in bed, closets, under pillows, in all storage areas to repel mice and insects and maintain a fresh scent
  • BAY LEAF – place in each drawer to repel insects
  • HOT WATER TANK – drain and cover inlet and also cover fridge vent & furnace vent with aluminum foil to keep bees out
  • TIRES – cover on sun side(air pressure reduce by 20+15 lbs under specs
  • SLIDE OUT SEALS – spray with rubber conditioner
  • BATTERIES – some people remove their batteries completely and store them elsewhere, others just turn off the battery kill switches, or remove ground cable – it is a personal preference/coca cola is best to remove rust
  • Cover A/C units

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