Thanks (Sue–Schoolteacher)

It was a great year on the LTVA.  We had a great time and hope those that were here had a great time also.  There were so many activities (new and old) that it was hard to chose which to do.  I am so thankful that someone found this wonderful place and did all the work to set it up for those that are here now.

Marty and I are relatively newbies, we just completed our 7th season.  Already there are so many people that we know who have either passed away or are unable to return for one reason or another.  And yet the community continues.

Thank you so much to those who have either written articles for the Boondocker, or who have contributed in other ways.  I could not do this without the writers and/or idea people.  A big thank you to Jesse and Jenny who spent a  lot of time getting the LTVA up and running on our own page including the Boondocker.  I have really enjoyed working with you both.

Looking forward to seeing you all back next year, or at least hearing from you.

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