Desert Rock Work–Sue (Schoolteacher) Anderson

Have you ever noticed that is particular part of the “desert southwest” seems to have an over abundance of rocks?  There are many different kinds here and many different colors.

Nature herself has created many wonders in the rock here.  We can see slot canyons, dry waterfalls, many different animals and forms in the rocks.

However, I would like to talk about the human use of the rocks nature has given us.  First of all there is the boundary rocks, you know, the ones we put up to separate “our” parking spot from someone elses.  I have seen all sorts of designs with parking areas, paths and little rock gardens.

Then there are the ones who are very creative.  They do more than just border their site, the create art work on it.  At the corner of Herman’s Horsepath and Quail Crossing there is a very large guitar created at the site where Ken and Marie (Alaska 2 runs) used to park before moving into town.

Out in the Northwest Territories on Mesa 1 there was a man named Marlin (Plumbbob) who was a Mason and created a large square and compass symbol.

On the corner of Wye Road and an unnamed lane there is a rock Dolly.  That would be because the little lane used to be called Dolly for a lady that lived there and rode a bicycle.

Down on Ferguson Lake Road just a little bit south of the end of Fish Tale Flats, there is even a rock cross where someone immortalized their pet that had died.

It doesn’t take much to amuse us here, as witnessed by all the names in rock at the Names out by Picacho State park.  Acre after acre of names, dates and designs.

Its amazing what you can do with a little thought and a LOT of rocks.

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