2015 light parade

Desert Traditions


It is a great that some traditions here on the desert seem to be able to continue even when the person(s) who led them has not returned for one reason or another.

img_3300Thank You for the Lights

One of those traditions is the Peanuts & Nutcracker Light Parade. It has gone through a few different organizers and has found a new one this year in Fred “Chimo” and Violet “Wild Rose” Vance. This year we had nine vehicles, 6 four by fours, 2 ATVs, and one convertible. The parade drove all five nights. The first and third nights the parade wound its way through Squaw Lake, Hurricane Ridge, Skunk Hollow, Kripple Creek, the Gravel Pit, North & South Mesas, Florida Flats, Herman’s Horse Path, Music Row, Northwest Territories, Murphy Flat, and Fish Tale Flats. The second and fourth nights the parade visited Quail Hill, Lonely Hill, Bee Hive Mesa, the Christian Service Center, Ocotillo Flats, Cistern Road, Coyote Ridge and Snowbird Mesa. The final night it did the entire LTVA in an abbreviated manner. There is something wonderful about seeing the lights in the darkness coming down your road, or at least close enough. Thank you so much for the wonderful continuation of this tradition .img_3309img_3280

Thank You From the CSC Program

Speaking of traditions, the Christian Service Center put on its Christmas program for the LTVA this year on Friday and Saturday. The program this year was well received and attendance was great. The choir, lead by Gordon Hunt, sang several selections, the Desert Pickers, led by Rebecca King, strummed a couple of songs. One of the choir members read a poem, and the program was narrated by Preacherman Craig and his wife Tinkerbell (Sara Beth). There was a great time of fellowship after each program with delicious food. Thank you so much to everyone who attended the performances, you are the reason for the program.


Dog Burns

It has been difficult this year with so many of our organizers missing. Some traditions have continued, others have fallen by the wayside a bit, but in January, we will have a dog burn (wiener roast for those of you who are not familiar with our traditions) on the 7th.  Bob “Slobberjaws” Dossett will be visiting the LTVA at this time and to welcome him back, he will lead the group to the Secret Undisclosed Location one more time. Once again we will hear the story of our tribe and sing our song. We will gather at the dump station at 5. So bring your dogs (wieners of course—but you can bring your pets too), buns, all the fixin’s, and everything else you need for a meal including a chair and your roasting stick. Even thought it won’t be a full moon, we will still have a great time.


LTVA Directory

Every 2 years, Pete “Pistol Pete” and Linda “Kookie Uke” have put out a directory for residents of the LTVA. It was an awesome book and contained all kinds of information.

Because of Pete’s death, Linda will no longer be coming down, and we are looking for someone new to take on the directory, if there is a desire on the LTVA to have one.

If you are interested in this, please contact the editor and we can get this started.


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